Old Chicago in YEG

The Roaring 20s, Prohibition, Flappers, Jazz, Networking

A Great Gatsby Themed EOCC Event

Are You Ready? It's Bees Knees!

Step back in time to an era that is now immortalized for its evocative glamour and sophistication. The time period of in which F. Scott Fitzgerald set The Great Gatsby—also affectionately known as The Jazz Age or the Roaring 20s—was one of economic affluence that espoused antiquated social restrictions and embraced experimentation. 

The 20s were also marked by Prohibition, the catalyst for the speakeasy—illicit venues once reserved for covertly enjoying libations that have since experienced a revival in contemporary nightlife. Social affairs were always an elaborate event at that time, and men and women alike dressed to impress, embracing new trends that continue to be coveted for their unforgettable charm and enduring sartorial flair. 

Take cues from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s beloved characters Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan and dust off your best Mary Janes, fringed flapper dresses and pinstriped suits to bring the legendary, unparalleled time that was the Roaring 20s back to life.

Featured Artists

Welcome none other than the unstoppable Fran Schlosser and the stunning Violette Coquette in a night full of prohibition, flappers, jazz, and networking

You're Invited to a Swanky Bootleg Party at our secret 'Speak Easy'

The Evening

The Evening

Lexus of Edmonton, Imagine Health
and The Parlour Presents

Old Chicago In YEG

A Great Gatsby Themed EOCC Event

Thursday, November 23, 2017: 6pm - 2am

  • 6 PM / Flappers, Jazz, Networking Begins, and VIP Gin Bar Opens

  • 7 PM / Live Painting Begins

  • 7:30 PM / Burlesque

  • 8 PM - 9 PM / Networking

  • 9 PM - 10 PM / Burlesque and Giveaways

  • 10 PM - 2 AM / DJ and Cocktails



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