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Edmonton’s Luxury Auto Dealership

Lexus of Edmonton has been in business for 12 years now and is well-known for offering excellent services. Dealer Principal Bruce Kirkland started this venture with a vision of establishing an exclusive Lexus dealership, and he has indeed succeeded in accomplishing this goal. Today, Lexus is the number one luxury car brand in Edmonton, a testament to the dealership’s absolute success.

“It’s easy to have a transaction, but it’s difficult to have a relationship. We are not just selling cars; we are in a relationship business. I believe that is why we are so successful.”

As soon as one steps into the dealership’s premises, an amazing customer experience begins. First off, visitors are greeted and welcomed by a team member who is ready to assist and guide them into the right area. According to Bruce, “little things make the biggest difference”, therefore attention to details is a priority. The dealership has many features, including a spa salon and a first class business lounge to accommodate the guests who are waiting for a vehicle.

VIP Experience

13892042_1228824580472032_10963514406458359_nPersonal interaction is a big part of the car-buying experience. Even though e-commerce has taken over many industries, luxury car stores are still very popular. Bruce says, “We have a “buy online” button on our website, and no one has ever hit it.”

When asked about Lexus of Edmonton’s competitive strength, Bruce says without hesitation: “The biggest asset we have isn’t our beautiful building. It isn’t our beautiful product. It’s our people.” He praises his talented team for making the process of buying a car a remarkable one. The secret is that his team truly cares about what they do.

“We want everyone to have an amazing experience inside and outside our dealership.”

At Lexus of Edmonton, VIP treatment does not end with the closing of the deal; it only starts. The company strives to build a customer-focused environment by offering flexible vehicle maintenance conditions such as chauffeur service, complementary services such as exclusive airport parking, invitations to special events, and much more.

Engaging with and supporting the Edmonton community is a big part of the company’s vision. “The community has been very nice to us for a long time, and it is time to give back,” explains Bruce. That is why Lexus of Edmonton supports many charities and runs exclusive events for its guests and the general public.

Today, Lexus of Edmonton is a very successful venture that we are proud to partner with. Through VIP customer relationship building, progressive ideas like the Japanese Kai Zen approach, and continuous community involvement, the business keeps up with the highest standards and exceeds the Edmontonians expectations.

Imagine Health Centres Co-Founders – Dr. Jonathan Chan and Ray Yue

Ray Yue brings a depth of experience and a proven track record in entrepreneurial success, corporate leadership and investment acumen. He is a highly innovative serial entrepreneur with a penchant for identifying opportunities and creating companies that thrive and prosper. After graduating from the University of Alberta with his B.Sc. (Pharmacy), Yue divided his time between practising pharmacy and growing his first company, a health professionals staffing firm. Shortly after, he expanded into real estate, investments and private equity. Yue is a proud member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), the world’s premier peer network of chief executives and business leaders. Yue’s original passion for pharmacy and helping people find the best way to care for their health has never wavered and he continues to explore healthcare innovations.


Dr. Jonathan Chan has a wealth of experience and breadth of knowledge in the field of medicine. He graduated with a medical degree from the University of Alberta after being awarded an early medical school entrance while studying Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary. Chan completed his Family Medicine residency at the University of Alberta and went on to complete a fellowship, specializing in Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa. As a doctor working in emergency departments and family clinics around Alberta, Chan was struck by the number of patients who came in with preventable illnesses. So he decided he’d take a different approach and focus on disease prevention.


In 2010, Chan and Yue teamed up to open Imagine Health Centres (IHC), a primary-care clinic that provides a team approach and focuses on screening, prevention and proactive health. “We looked at how care was being delivered and saw a very fragmented system,” says Yue. “It sounds dramatic, but I really do think we’re saving lives on a daily basis,” Chan says. “This kind of approach to primary care has the ability to reach far more lives, preserving longevity and improving the quality of life of many Albertans.”

Within six months, IHC opened a second clinic and, in the same year, expanded both buildings to meet demand. In its first few years, the business grew from 3 physicians to 50 physicians and over 100 employees. Today, there are five Imagine Health Centres in Edmonton and Calgary, with continued growth and expansion planned.

“I believe that education is the cornerstone of our society,” says Yue. It was this strong belief that was the driving force behind IHC forming a public partnership with one of the largest post-secondary health institutions in Alberta. As well, in 2015, IHC, in partnership with the South Calgary Primary Care Network, launched a program to provide better care to seniors in assisted-living facilities. Through this program, family physicians have weekly visits with seniors in these facilities. There have been numerous cases where patients were diagnosed and treated for conditions that otherwise would have taken them to the ER. “This is something we’re quite proud of. Regular visits from physicians help seniors maintain, even improve, their quality of life,” says Chan. Together, Chan and Yue continue to champion new patient care models which encourage higher levels of collaboration between all healthcare professionals.



Dr. Chan and Ray Yue’s group of companies, achievements and community stewardship caught the attention of the communities in which they live. Each of these men were recognized as one of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40: Yue in Edmonton in 2014 and Chan in Calgary in 2015.

Jon, Ray and the entire team at Imagine Health Centres are proud to help the communities in both cities. “Patients are #1” is more than a catch-phrase; it is our vision and mandate. We strive to foster collaboration among health professionals, improve health outcomes and increase accessibility to health teams for our patients.

After all … ”What’s more important than your health?”

It’s been said, “Those who eat well, live well.”

That means having your fill of good food and fine wine. It means skipping the drive-thru and sitting down for dinner and conversation with your favourite people. It means living the Italian way, taking as much time as you want to sit back and enjoy a great meal.

Take your time and look over the menu. Choose one of our unique dishes, like a signature or custom-made pizza, and pair it with a glass of wine. Eat slowly. Savour the time spent with family. And finish off the meal with something dolce from our dessert menu.

The Parlour is where modern meets tradition, where Italian dining meets Century Hospitality. It’s a restaurant. It’s a lounge. It’s the place to meet family and friends. It’s the perfect marriage between beauty and taste.

That’s what The Parlour is all about.